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Building Character

At Double J Sports and Professional Athlete Management, we strive to build and groom not only strong athletes on the field, but also strong young men of character off the field. As the career span of a professional athlete is but a few years on average, we provide assistance, guidance and growth of brand for careers and opportunities during and once their playing days are over.

Through strong values of faith, family, friends and community, these young men are all excellent role models for the youth, fans and communities that look up to them. All Double J athletes exhibit strong character, work ethic, and values on the field and almost more importantly, off the field as well. We will not represent athletes that do not uphold and maintain our high standards and expectations.

A large focus of all of our athletes is their web and social media presence. We build and maintain official websites of all of our athletes. This serves to promote themselves and partnerships they embark on. It also serves as a virtual resume for their work on and off-field.

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Community Involvement

All Double J athletes are heavily involved in the Denver area communities in which they live and love. All athletes participate in or have their own foundations as well. Double J Sports & Professional Athlete Management provides all of their athletes with the best PR and foundation support available to them. Therefore, we partner with and trust only ProLink Sports LLC for all PR and Philanthropy efforts. Please visit our Foundations page for more information on our athlete’s involvement in giving back and paying it forward.

If you embark on a partnership with Double J athletes, you can be assured that there will be no off the field or poor character issues that can damage your business or organization’s hard earned reputation. Working with professional athletes can give your business or organization instant validity and set you apart from your competition.

Professional Athlete Management
Reputation is Everything

Our athletes will only work with the most reputable companies and organizations that are screened thoroughly prior to engagement. Additionally, our athletes will only take on a limited number of opportunities, making their worth more valuable and reputable. Your company or organization will gain marked results, significant exposure and garner return on your investment for choosing Double J athletes.

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Happy Birthday to @D_Brut30! One of the good guys! Enjoy your day!
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Proud to announce that @MOOCHIE048 will be working with @Safeway for the third straight year. Good things coming, stay tuned! #LOVE48 https://t.co/SxTGcib74o doublej_sports photo